Commercial Services

The 21st century has blurred the lines between a mom & pop operation and a global enterprise. AV technology can bring your boardrooms and meeting spaces to the rest of the world. Digital signage can display your message in more flexible ways than traditional printing. Maybe your operation is too small to justify hiring an in-house IT professional, but that doesn’t mean you should be held back by networking issues and PC problems.

Whether you just want to keep your guests happy with a TV in the lobby, or need to keep your shareholders happy with the latest news from your R&D department in Taiwan, Dream Digital has the expertise to make AV and computer technology work for you.

Here’s just some of the services our experts can help you with, but if you have dreams for your business that’s our business, ask us anything. Let us show you what systems integration can do for you.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting RoomEffective communication is the most important thing in business, whether it’s with your customers, with your employees or across divisions and branches around the world. It is how new ideas are spread and with collaboration and organization, how those ideas move your company forward.

No matter the space, we can add projectors, screens, teleconferencing equipment and straight-forward controls to run it all, because your message is important and your presentation equipment shouldn’t let you down or grind your meeting to an embarrassing halt.

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Board and Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

  • Display equipment for presentations and teleconferencing
  • Simple controls so the technology gets out of the way of your message
  • Integrated lighting and curtain controls, and even HVAC
Class Rooms

Projectors and Screens

  • Projection screens and flat screen displays
  • Hybrid document cameras/projectors to display transparencies, printed documents and video content
  • Mobile AV carts
  • PA systems and automated scheduling bells
Theaters & Auditoriums

Theaters and Auditoriums

  • Fixed, retractable and motorized projection screens
  • Projectors for any size screen and any size room
  • Sound systems from basic public address to killer pro-quality heart-pounding surround sound.
  • Lighting and curtain controls, custom wall and floor lights
  • Theater-style seating, lecture-style seating


audioWe can design and install audio systems to fit your needs. Let us design a sound system to match the needs of your business. Paging and announcements in the reception area or throughout an entire building. Music to set an atmosphere, encourage (and reward) productivity or entertain your customers.

Need serious sound for a club, bar or concert venue? If an amazing sound system is integral to your success and reputation, let our audio system designer put his passion for pro-audio to work for you.

Video Distribution/Video Walls

Video DistributionWhen the NFL playoffs are on, hockey and basketball seasons are in full swing. When hockey and basketball start wrapping up, baseball and soccer start their seasons. Then, the baseball playoff season competes with the fresh NFL season and the opening games for the NHL and NBA. Meanwhile, your customers are demanding your bar show their favorite team’s live games, plus Sports Center.

Sounds like a giant pain? With the latest video distribution technology, multiple channels can be played across multiple screens and switched around easily. Pick your sources, pick which screen or screens will show the sources and pick which ones will have sound. The controls will be simple and will never slow down your great service.

Need 20 screens playing 20 things in October and 20 screens playing the Big Game in February? Let us take a look at your space and design your dream system whether you want 4 things on 4 screens or 16 things on 100 screens.

IT Services

IT ServicesJust because your budget can’t justify hiring a full-time IT guy doesn’t mean your business is immune from technology problems.

Whether you need a one-time quick fix, monthly maintenance and troubleshooting or need help a couple times a week, our flexible, fast and skilled professionals can help your technology work for you instead of slowing you down or getting in your way. Desktop support, help-desk, repair, upgrade and software implementation services are just some of what we can do for you. Let us know how your technology can work better for your business and we’ll make it so.


troubleshootIs your projector acting up or complaining about it’s filter or bulb? Did your controller suddenly stop controlling the volume? You’re pretty sure everything was working fine this morning, but now there’s no sound in the conference room? Your network printer is nowhere to be found on the network?

Let our problem solvers come to the rescue. Whether it’s a quick fix, or you need replacement equipment, our quick service and professional expertise will get your systems back on track.

Access Control

Access ControlIf you need to allow cars through a closed gate or employees through a locked door, modern access control systems give you unprecedented control. Assign key fobs or badges to employees, guests, tenants and clients and track their use, limit access to certain areas and even limit access at certain times. License plate recognition allows only authorized vehicles into company yards and biometric technology assures that no one is sharing keys.

Even if all you need is the ability to see someone at the door and remotely let them in, we can design the access control system to fit your needs.


cctvMost modern alarm systems will alert you with a phone call when the alarm is triggered, and that’s about it. With a video surveillance system, a false alarm won’t turn into a major hassle. Whether you are at work, home or on the road, you can watch your business inside and out on your PC, smartphone or tablet and look into the past so you are always on top of what’s going on. Count customers, get a snapshot of every person entering a building with a time and date, log every license plate that enters or exits a gate and much, much more. You won’t believe some of the stuff CCTV can do.


networkFrom desktop systems in cubicles to climate-controlled data centers, we can handle your business’s network needs.

Our networking experts are equipped to design, install, expand and troubleshoot your network. Whether you’re running a single line to your home office or expanding your wireless network so not a single corner of your building is a dead-zone, we can install a solution that’s perfect for you. Want to offer wireless internet to your guests without putting your network at risk? Let us get your network working for you instead of against you.

We also are especialists in wiring networks during construction and remodels.

Digital Signage

digitalsignDigital signage means more than just saving money at the print shop. With versatile, bright, attractive digital displays, your message can be as flexible and dynamic as your company. Communicate to your customers, the public or your employees efficiently and beautifully with our full-service digital signage solutions, from installation to content design.