System Design and Consultation Services

Dream Digital provides design and consultation for custom home entertainment, telecom, networking, home control and automation for any size project. Our experienced designer will provide full design documentation along with alternate products so your client’s low-voltage and system-integration needs are met while helping you put in an educated and profitable bid.theaterplan

The design process will start with a review of the locations that will need equipment. Our system designer is very sensitive to aesthetics and architectural integrity of spaces when it comes to speakers, switches, wall plates and jacks. We are very experienced with the acoustics of spaces and our know-how can be at your disposal to get the most out of that dedicated theater or basement rec room.

We will present floor plans and diagrams that will help you visualize the structured wiring and placement of the equipment along with detailed, itemized proposals that show the cost of equipment and estimated labor, divided up by room and by system.

Our proposals are complete and easy to follow. The proposal will be based on the input you provide us (or allow your client to provide us) about the performance needs, budget and timeframe. We generate the proposal, which will include literature on the primary equipment. After the proposal is made, we can modify the concept as you and your client see fit, add, subsitute or omit items. We will propose as many revisions as you need until you are completely happy with the finished product.

We at Dream Digital AV look forward to the opportunity to design a great system for your client.

Pre-wiring and Installation services

prewireWhether your client wants Ethernet and cable TV in every room, a dedicated theater room, whole-home audio or just a few speakers in the patio, we can get everything wired and ready before the sheet rock goes up, then come back later to install and hook up equipment.

If your clients are asking about bringing their homes into the 21st century with the latest in entertainment, home automation, environmental controls, surveillance, lighting and home automation, let us design and install systems with the same quality and expertise that you put into building the house.

Our installers and project managers look forward for the chance to impress your clients, from before you get the bid to after the house you built becomes a home.