Want to buy a new TV or sound system? Have an existing system you’d like relocated? Need recommendations on what to replace and what to keep? Let us take care of it. We can get the latest in TVs, speakers, amplifiers and more at great prices and our knowledgeable designers will help you figure out exactly what your system can do for you.

Here’s just some of the services our experts can help you with, but if you dream up something you don’t see here, drop us a line.

Home Theater

hometheaterImagine your dream home theater system. Does the TV hang beautifully on the wall? Do the components sit out-of-sight, controlled automatically by a simple, intuitive remote? Do the speakers generate pure, room-filling sound? Do the drapes close at the touch of a button as a giant screen unfurls from the ceiling?

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From simple hook-up jobs and moving TVs from a stand to a wall mount, to serious home theater remodeling, we can design, install, troubleshoot or program whatever you have and whatever you can dream.

TVs and Monitors

Theater SeatingThe space you have, the content you watch, the places you’ll sit, what you’ll be hooking up to it and even what direction your windows face can all be factors in choosing the right screen. With new 4K or UHD displays, images are sharper and clearer, even up close. Let us take some measurements of your room, discuss what kind of performance you’re expecting from your TV and where you’d like to put it, and we’ll come back with great options at great prices.

We can deliver your new TV, then you can set it up or you can leave that to us. Often, same-day or next-day.

Projectors and Screens

Projectors and ScreensFind LCD, LED and plasma screens a little too… little? Powerful digital projectors can display dazzling, high resolution images at sizes beyond 80 inches… beyond 90 inches… beyond 10 feet. Screens can stay on the wall permanently or roll up out of the way. For a presentation area or home theater, a retractable screen can be used instead of a traditional flat panel monitor or in addition to it, allowing you to seamlessly switch content between both. Motorized screens can make this whole process more automated, and our programmers can integrate lighting, motorized curtains and A/V equipment into a simple remote control for a truly amazing theater experience, without the sticky floors.

Whether your projection theater has 4 seats or 40, whether it’s for a living room or a board room, whether it’s a sports grill or a church, our designers can help you pick the right projector and the right screen.

Equipment cabinets and professional racks

Theater SeatingHalf a dozen boxes, cables in and out of every box, cables hooked up to power strips, cables running to 6, 8, 10 (or more) speakers, cables, cables, cables and we can make all of it look beautiful, but the most beautiful Comcast box is one you never have to see.

With in-wall wiring and an attractive cabinet or credenza to house your equipment, your screen will be the focus of your system.

Thinking of a more serious system? We can design and install professional modular racks for equipment that feeds multiple rooms and integrates multiple systems like whole-home audio, multi-room video, CCTV security cameras, home automation and all your networking and IT gear, centrally located, out of sight, out of your way and easy to control from any spot in your home or business.


Theater SeatingA sectional sofa and a couple recliners are wonderful spots to enjoy a living room TV, but for the full experience of a dedicated theater, theater seating is a must. Check out selection of theater seating with every thing from vintage-style theater seats just like the cineplex to recliners with foot rests, cup holders, attractive colors, styles to match any room and stress-melting comfort.

Home Theater Decor

Projectors and ScreensLooking for a dedicated theater or presentation room? Think about curtains and acoustical treatments (or even a popcorn machine) to get the most from your dedicated theater room. Imagine professionally designed lighting, with wall sconces, accent lights, floor light and even special accents like twinkling fiber optic starlight panels, programmed to come on, turn off and dim gracefully to augment your home theater experience. Dream of the time you’ll spend being entertained with the people you love, plus you can skip the ticket line and soggy $15 popcorn.


audioIf you need a little music in the kitchen, we can do that. If you want a killer stereo system in the den, we can do that. If you want fully-integrated whole-home audio controlled by your phone or tablet, we can do that. Let our system designer show you the latest technologies in audio, from small wireless streaming music players to luxurious designer speakers and mind-blowing amps.

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In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers

For a sleek look around your entertainment center, speakers can be placed into existing walls or ceilings to bring amazing sound to a room without taking up floor or shelf space.

Box Speakers

Whether we’re mounting them on the wall, tucking them away on a bookshelf or installing set of beautiful designer speakers to a well-appointed room, we’ll help you pick the right speakers for your space, your equipment and your enjoyment.

Invisible speakers

If in-wall speakers aren’t hidden enough for the design of your room, there’s finally a solution. Amplified drivers that are installed inside of your wall actually turn the wall into a speaker. Great sound from thin air, and it will be your little secret.

Amplifiers and Receivers

Picking the right amp to power your speakers can be a tricky prospect, and benefits and trade-offs can get lost in a sea of jargon and specs. Our system designer can recommend great matches for your existing equipment or great sets of new equipment, plus, as licensed AV installers, you can count on us to install it all with the exacting standards of the most hardcore audiophile.

Audio distribution

Bring music to any and every space in your home with one of the many options of the distributed audio systems we can show you. Mozart in the office, top 40 in the kids room, country out in the patio and when it’s time for the guests to arrive, the whole house comes to life with your party play list playing to every room. Bring your music collection, streaming music services or just about any audio gear to your whole home, simply and elegantly. We can design systems that start small and can grow, or get music to every room you want all at once and if you’re building or remodeling, that’s a great time to think about integrating whole-home audio. Give us a call and we’ll


troubleshootYour system worked this morning, of that you’re sure. Did your nephew bring over his Xbox and now you can’t figure out how to watch TV? Did your expensive, professionally-programmed universal remote stop working out of nowhere? Trying to figure out the new AppleTV but it’s not doing what you hoped? Luckily, many problems are simple enough for you to fix yourself with a little bit of guidance from an expert over the phone, or you can let us take a look in person. When your technology doesn’t work, we do.


lightingLighting can affect the way you perceive colors, can change the energy and mood of a room, can add their own ambient heat to a room and can give the illusion of a space feeling physically warmer or cooler.  Lighting doesn’t just include bulbs and LEDs that you turn on and off; it also includes windows and skylights. With a home automation system you can dim the lights and close the blinds to create the mood you had in mind, using simple and powerful smartphone and tablet apps. Light the path to your room when you get home late at night. Navigate the kitchen without waking anyone. Wake yourself up gently. Integrate your lighting with your entertainment system, security system and HVAC system. The possibilities are endless.

Home Automation

homeautomationSetting the lights in the family room to “movie mode” is just a tiny slice of what home automation can do. With 21st-century equipment and powerful smartphone and tablet apps, you can check if your door is locked while at work… or if your garage is closed… or if your heat is still on… or if your clothes are dry. Knowledge at your fingertips, and the power to make changes. Imagine the peace-of-mind that comes with such total control. Whether you’re in your home office, your work office or the Paris office, you can have a video conversation with the person at your front door and buzz them in at the push of a button.


cctvMost modern alarm systems will alert you with a phone call when the alarm is triggered, and that’s about it. With a video surveillance system, a false alarm won’t turn into a major hassle. Whether you are at home or away, you can watch the perimeter of your home or business on your PC, smartphone or tablet and look into the past so you are always on top of what’s going on. Count customers, get a snapshot of every person entering a building with a time and date, log every license plate that enters or exits a gate and much, much more. You won’t believe some of the stuff CCTV can do.


networkYou just bought a dryer and it asked for your wifi password. Your iPad doesn’t get Internet out in the hot tub. You’ve decided that wireless networking just isn’t going to cut it for your home office, but you’d rather not run a 50 foot, ugly, blue cable down the hallway.

Our networking experts are equipped to design, install, expand and troubleshoot your home or business network. Whether you’re running a single line to your home office or expanding your wireless network so not a single corner of your home is a dead-zone, we can install a solution that’s perfect for you.

We also are experts in wiring networks during construction and remodels.

Digital Concierge Service

digitalconcierge“Yes, we can do that for you” is a common phrase here. Imagine what you need and let us handle the “how”. We can make recommendations, set it up, install the software, configure the gear and even do the shopping for you.

Did you recently buy a beautiful home with a 25-year-old home automation system and the company that installed it is nowhere to be found? Is your whole-home audio system only half-working, or maybe it works fine, but you’d like to bring it into the 21st century with Pandora or iTunes and touchscreen controls through your phone or tablet?

If your current system has a problem to be solved, a little expansion, or a complete overhaul, let us know. You have all this technology to make your life easier, to entertain you and to let you relax and you already have enough to think about. Can’t they “just work”? Yes, we can do that for you.

Commercial Installation

commercial Audio, video, access control, time keeping, networking and more. Let us design and install your state-of-the-art conference room with large displays, simple controls and teleconferencing solutions to keep up with the pace of your business. Share your message in a flexible and dynamic way with digital signage solutions. We can install and integrate surveillance cameras that do more than just keep an eye on your business. You dream it, and we’ll design and install it.

Digital Signage

digitalsignDigital signage means more than just saving money at the print shop. With versatile, bright, attractive digital displays, your message can be as flexible and dynamic as your company. Communicate to your customers, the public or your employees efficiently and beautifully with our full-service digital signage solutions, from installation to content design.